Whaling: History

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  1. The History of Whaling in America
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By December it will be abandoned in the harbor when the crew heads inland looking for gold. It is panned by literary critics. Since , this practice has been becoming more common, with many wives establishing seasonal households on Hawaii -- by then an important stopping-over port for American whaling vessels between cruises in the Arctic. Petroleum -- cheaper, more abundant, and more easily obtained than whale oil -- will soon displace whale oil in the illuminant market.

The History of Whaling in America

The crews, half of whom are native Hawaiians, are rescued, but all of the vessels are lost. The ban, however, permits whaling for scientific research. This provision has allowed countries such as Japan to whale under scientific research permits. Spanning three centuries, Into the Deep: When Melville died in , his death was noted in only one local newspaper, with a brief description of the "long forgotten" author.

History of Whaling

The whaling industry was immortalized through maps, paintings, and photographs. Browse a gallery of images. Related Features Into the Deep: Trailer Spanning three centuries, Into the Deep: Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history. Sign Me Up Dismiss.

History of whaling

Two of the databases relate to the British Southern Whale Fishery — British Whaling data now available WhalingHistory. The databases contain voyage and crew information for the British Southern Whale Fishery, which operated from to Skip to content Whale oil provided fuel for lighting and lubrication for the gears of the industrial revolution, until it was replaced by petroleum products in the mid-nineteenth century.

Links to digitized logbooks and whaling artifacts in museum collections, whale distribution maps, and new ways to embed and share Whaling History content in projects, presentations, and exhibitions. Please join us in telling the stories of Whaling History.

History of whaling - Wikipedia

Explore the voyage data. Most of the databases are available as downloads for use with other tools and systems.

History of Whaling

The databases will be updated annually. Suggested additions and corrections are welcome. We are actively interested in incorporating additional whaling history data sets.

African Americans and Whaling

In the next phase of this project, museums, libraries and other institutions will be able to link objects in their collections to our databases, enriching their catalogs and connecting them to related objects elsewhere. Add your whaling history project to the Gallery.

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